open Story Tellers Frome

Featured artist – Clemma Lewis 

I am a storyteller. 

I write stories and poems to tell people. I have achieved a lot being a storyteller. Stories are brilliant and I enjoy telling them. I am a very good storyteller and so are the others I work with.  

Openstorytellers is a bundle of fun to work with and a good working environment in Frome. 

We are all very good storytellers and artists. 

My name is Clemma Lewis. I come to Openstorytellers Frome, starting twenty years ago. 

First of all, I started as a peer assistant, working with people with difficulties in people’s homes in different places, with Jane Harwood and Nicola Grove [Dr Grove founded the charity in 2009

In those days, we were based at Wesley church. 

I have achieved a lot since I have been here. 

I‘ve done loads and loads of storytelling and poems, including my own book where I have spoken about my whole life story with pictures and photos. 

For four years I’ve been employed as a Peer Mentor Assistant, and I really enjoy it. 

I also come as an artist along with other people. 

I enjoy working with others because it’s an important thing to do. I like the company and I like chatting with people as well. 

What do I want to achieve as an artist? 

I would like to have all my stories, poems and pictures published in a big story book. 

One of the stories I have enjoyed the most is The Seven Crows story [pictured], which I adapted to a poem and song. The story was told to me by The Devil’s Violin – a company of great storytellers and musicians. 

I am currently working on a new story-song about a bird of prey. Let me share with you the first verse: 

Just the other day when I was travelling here and there, 

I seen a bird of prey circling around the air 

It was looking for it’s prey, the whole entire day 

A juicy crunchy mouse! but alas! It ran away 

A little while ago I went to The M-Shed in Bristol with our director Alex [United Response’s, More Than A Provider Conference 2023] where I spoke to people about being an artist with Fragile X syndrome. 

I told people how it was growing up with it, and how it made me feel as well. This helped others with a similar life to me. I listened to how they were feeling as well. I helped them out by saying it’s okay to share feelings. 

With my friends and staff, we are a happy family. We are a great team.