At Openstorytellers, we have so many creative things happening throughout the week. Every day, more work is generated – words, movements, poetry, visual art, story, songs, music … 

We have developed an interesting way to organise all that material and to help collaboration happen in a way that all the artists here can use. 

In January 2023, our artistic director, Simon, attended a two day workshop with David Glass [The David Glass Ensemble]. From this, he came away with an inspiration to create what we call The Book of Fragments. 

A fragment is a moment of creativity…. some examples from Openstorytellers have been – an improvised song of the Siren; a talking rose; the gesture of breathing life into a spark of life; a violin being played; colourful patterns and many more. 

The fragments are represented by circular images that go up onto our magnetic Wall of Fragments. This is where they can interact with other fragments, created by other people at other times, so that nothing is ever lost. 

Fragments can be grouped together in “clusters”, to try out how they might play together.  

A pattern of fragments and clusters can make up a larger picture called a constellation. This is when you begin to see a story take shape, made up of many diverse parts. 

Each fragment is recorded in The Book of Fragments. The book is a portal to all the dreamworlds, stories, imaginings, memories, and inventiveness that takes place within the rooms here at Openstorytellers.