OST and Me monthly blog (Friday 24th of May 2024)

Me, Ellie and Katy, have been doing a lot of work towards the interviews and chatting to some of the artists who come to OST.  

We have also thought that the information has given us a lot of points to discuss to find out what people think about OST here.  

The sort of information people want is to have a better-looking carpet and some people would love to have more shows and more trips to go on.  

Thank you to all the artists who we have interviewed, and we really appreciate the support and kindness of the project so far.  

We had an excellent day at the ethics meeting which gave us a lot of useful and exciting stuff like:  

  • idea of games that would help people say how they feel about OST. We will do this during our BIG WEEK IN! 
  • I remember the game we talked about involved a washing line for me and Ellie to do.  

All the people who came to the ethics meeting on that day was: Hazel, Stuart, Anne, Simon, Alex, Joe, Kat, Kate, Kevin 

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