We are recruiting!

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We are looking for a Project Manager who will co-lead with 3 other people who have a learning disability. This role is part time (details at the end of this blog)

We have prepared a short explainer film that talks about the main areas of the role and the kind of gifts, talents and experience that the successful applicant will have. It’s essential you watch this before applying:

This is an exciting new role to co-lead on 2 brand new projects:

1.    Being heard: Self advocacy project across Somerset funded by Somerset Community Foundation. 

Please watch these films about the advocacy project:

2.    Camerados: Support the good mental health of young people with a learning disability.

Frome Town Council have awarded us funding to create a version of Mental Health First Aid training that is made by and for people with a learning disability. This will then be used across schools and groups in Frome for pop-up community living rooms to support good mental health. You need to watch the short animation on the Camerados home page before applying:


More information about the role: 

Essential things:

      ◦     You must be friendly, polite and kind.

      ◦     You must be patient and not rush people

      ◦     You must have had professional or life experience of supporting / living alongside people with a learning disability.

      ◦     You need to be a creative thinker

      ◦     We want a positive person who is positive about people who have a learning disability

      ◦     You have to really WANT this job. We really like working here and we want to work with someone who also really likes it here.

      ◦     You must be passionate about human rights, social justice and equality.

      ◦     You will need a high social battery for this job. It will require meeting lots and lots of new people and building relationships and networks across the whole learning disability community of Somerset.

      ◦     You must be able to come up with innovative solutions to problems. We are hoping for new, creative and artistic ways of including the whole community in self-advocacy which needs new ways of doing it – not just arranging meetings and sitting around tables talking. 

      ◦     You must have a good understanding of self-advocacy and how it’s different to other forms of advocacy.

Things it would be nice to have:

      ◦     Experience of helping other people speak up

      ◦     Co-producing projects / outcomes alongside people with a learning disability

      ◦     Experience in creative media, simple film making.

      ◦     Facilitating or running small groups

      ◦     A good understanding of the history of self advocacy movements, including the history of learning disability self advocacy.


18 hours / week £13.27/hr

18 month contract

This role is a mixture of fixed and variable hours:

Fixed hours: Tuesdays 7 hours between 9-4 at our base in RISE, Frome.

Variable hours: 11 hours each week flexible – some will be required at RISE, some hours working from home, some will be needed for travel across the county to meet groups.  

Essential that you can drive and preferably have a car available for business purposes.

How to apply:

Please note, any applicant who has not watched the 4 films linked above will not be considered.

Please email  an up to date CV and a separate expression of interest. Your expression of interest can be written or enclosed as a voice note or video. These are NOT expected to be professional – wobbly hand held videos and home made voice notes are perfectly acceptable! We want to know who you are as a human so please make your application come to life however you like. Please make the subject ‘Project manager application’ and send them to:


Closing date for applications: MONDAY 29 JULY 9am

Questions about this role should be emailed to alex.macneil@openstorytellers.org.uk