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Pigeon Productions

Pigeon Productions

Creative Arts and Media 

Our range of uniquely creative consultancy is perfect for any organisation who needs their message to cut through.

We are experts in making things by and for people with a learning disability. Our services often help organisations communicate and engage with or about this community of extraordinary artists and thinkers. Our creative consultants all have a learning disability and most of them are otherwise excluded from the workplace. 

But pigeons don’t discriminate! Our offer is for everyone. We offer our services to anyone who needs a fresh creative perspective.  

What we do.

We are experts in making information BY and FOR people who have a learning disability.

We make films, we make easy read, we even make board games that explain complicated local government!

This is me.

Somerset Country Council’s Equality and Diversity project: 4 stories of 4 uniquely different people.

Hate crime films:

For Somerset’s Police and Crime Commissioner and Somerset County Council.

Our engagement work:

We support organisations who have a duty to 'engage' with the learning disability community. If your organisation is struggling to do this, get in touch and our team of creative consultants will help you find the right ways of learning with and from their community. Recently this has included working with NHS Somerset's mortality review team to develop creative ways of exploring loss and bereavement.

Easy read support:

Easy read has long been accepted as an important part of engagement and we are experts in checking and developing this kind of written material. Get in touch if you'd like our support to transform your long winded wordiness into something dynamic and accessible.

A Pigeon’s story

We love pigeons, they are very intelligent and resilient birds, who despite their amazing qualities, live on the outskirts of society and are often seen as a nuisance.


Some of us understand how it feels to be left out, ignored and even bullied. Like the pigeon we can rise above this and communicate our messages to those who will listen or look at our work.


Just as pigeons have been sending messages for years – since776BC – people with learning difficulties have been around for ever and we are going to make sure we are heard too!

How to commission us:

When you commission Pigeon Productions, you are guaranteed an excellent service, and you know you will be providing real work for people with a wide range of different learning disabilities who are mostly excluded from the workplace. Each of our projects is priced individually and we have an offer that can be scaled depending on what you need.

Explainer Video

Join Joe, Ellie and Alex who will explain what is on this webpage.

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