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Through the Front Door

Through the Front Door Project update- site visits! Using money raised by National Lottery players, The National Lottery Heritage Fund supports projects that connect people and communities with the UK’s heritage. Through the Front Door is made possible with The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players, we have been able to visit […]

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Through the Front Door

Through the Front Door Project update- AprilLast week we visited the old Norah Fry hospital in Shepton Mallet. This heritage site is very important to us as we remembered our dear friend Brian, who we knew had lived in the Norah Fry hospital as a young man. We enjoyed reading his book and hearing his

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What is OST and Me? 

OST and ME is a project which will help us understand what the artists like about Openstorytellers, and don’t like so we can support the artists to express their feelings about Openstorytellers.   The team who will be running this project will be, Alex, Ellie and Joe. We are seriously excited that the talented Katy Brickley

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open Story Tellers


At Openstorytellers we revel in collaborating with other companies and artists.   In early 2023, we were approached by artists Pauline Scott-Garrett and Emma Kerr as we operate in the building RISE where Pauline was to research and create work for an exhibition called “Undertow” (for The Whittox Gallery also in the same building).  Pauline described

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Open Story Tellers Frome


At Openstorytellers, we have so many creative things happening throughout the week. Every day, more work is generated – words, movements, poetry, visual art, story, songs, music …  We have developed an interesting way to organise all that material and to help collaboration happen in a way that all the artists here can use.  In

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